PhD project

My thesis project is framed into the project “The role of thermal physiology in the assessment of vulnerability to global warming. Integrating ecological, genetic, and phylogeographic factors into mechanistic models of response to climate change” (ref: CGL2012-40246-C02-02) coordinated by Prof. Alfredo G. Nicieza.

During my PhD I will analyse the thermal tolerance and performance of Rana temporaria populations coming from contrasted thermal environments (altitudinal and latitudinal gradients) at the larval, juvenile, and adult stages. Further, I will explore the within and among population variation in a phylogeographic framework.

All the generated information will be used to model the realized and fundamental niches of R. temporaria, using correlative species distribution models (CM) and mechanistic species distribution models (MM) respectively. Consensus models for both CM and MM will be derived, and we will project future scenarios of climate change to study populations’ vulnerability.